About Us


Golden Organic Global is a local UAE based company specialized on promoting Natural Skin Care products from Sheabutter and rare oils from sub Saharan West Africa. The business focus is to Produce Organic Cosmetics and Personal Care Products using an exclusive blend of Oils with proven properties.

We Intend to design state-of-the-art Cosmetic Products in white labeling and create, competing primarily in the UAE marketplace, GCC, Middle East and aims a worldwide presence as the ultimate target.

Our team comprises an astonishing assortment of highly experienced professionals from the core related industries. Their expertise in products life cycle development covers the fields of products designing and branding, productions, packaging and logistics, Public relations and sales and marketing aspects, bringing up their life time expertise to promote this business to achieve it’s targeted level of success.

We believe on values of developing human opportunities, thus establishing rural women development programs in designated African countries part of our value chain.

We posses a considerable competitive advantage through the control of the sourcing of raw materials, proprietary post harvest process, ingredients extraction process, Hi-Tech exclusive quality control program. We have the first mover advantage in high potential emerging markets who are yet to appreciate the benefits of natural cosmetic products.