The Story

Shea Butter is the best ways to soften skin, while it moisturizes it also improve skin tone and heal scarring or stretch marks. Essential and Base oils are 100% pure, with strong therapeutic properties, blending enhances skin conditioning properties, introduces aroma-therapeutic benefits with a warm comforting fragrance.

Combining the properties of theses oils, with the natural healing benefits of Shea butter,adds extra value for use. It is done without compromising Shea butter's natural properties, giving multiple benefits & outstanding products for the skin and the entire body.

The Hub of Asia featuring an innovative Chinese traditional aroma-therapist and The Middle East blooming Oriental Spirit. The combination of nature and ancient wisdom will give us a unique position.

Designed by experiences creators with a proven experience in oil blending our products will carry a unique and exclusive personality tailored to attractive specifications by their creator’s inspirations.